A NYC based actor, Chris has been described as a "Midwestern Matt Damon." An all American type with a bit of quirk, his natural honestly translates well to average joe characters. His athleticism and combat training often land him in highly physical roles, and his playful personality leads itself to charming rogue types. 



NAME: Chris Krause. Yes it sounds similar to Kriss Kross. No I do not typically wear my clothes backwards and rap. 

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Michigan. Yes, winter is always coming. No, I do not play hockey.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I pretend to be other people. Ideally in exchange for money. 

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT? I couldn't find a radioactive spider to bite me and give me superpowers. This was my backup option. Also, I've always had a dream of amassing a sizable amount of student debt with no prospect of ever paying it off. #lifegoals.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU ENJOY? I was originally an art major before switching to theatre, so drawing, painting, sculpting, print making, all that fun art stuff. But becoming a graphic designer would have offered far too much job security. So here I am. 

ANY NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS?: I once beat Mario 3 without using warp whistles.

REALLY? No. Not really. I just wanted to feel special.  I do know an impressive amount of comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy lore though.

HOW HAS THAT WORKED OUT FOR YOU? My teenage brother thinks it's pretty neat. So there.

ANYTHING ELSE? My passion for baked goods and ice cream rivals the intensity of most religious fanatics. And if it gets someone to cast me, I'll make an exception to the wearing my clothes backwards and rapping thing.  

OKAY. THAT IT? Whenever I want to feel awesome, I look at this picture of me jumping out of the way of an explosion with a sword wearing a kilt.